अभी कुछ ही देर पहले ये हुआ, और पता नहीं कैसे और क्यों मैं इसे लिखने पे मजबूर हो गया।

घर जाते वक़्त केले लेने की मेरी ये रोज की आदत है, और हर दिन की तरह आज भी मैं उनसे 50 रुपये में 24 केलों की मांग कर रहा था, जाहिर था कि वो मना ही करेंगे और उन्होंने मुझे आज भी निराश नहीं किया हर रोज की तरह, पर इस सौदेबाज़ी के अलावा आज कुछ अलग हुआ, कुछ ऐसा जो मैं किसी केले के ठेले पर ही महसूस कर सकता था और शायद कहीं नहीं।
तो हुआ यूँ कि केले वाले बाबा ने पास से गुजर रही एक महिला को आवाज लगाई-
“अपेक्षा डॉक्टर को दिखा दिया।” एक परिचित महिला का हाल पूछकर उन्होंने अपना फर्ज निभाया।
“हां बाबा, डॉक्टर के पास से ही आ रही हूँ।”
“अच्छे डॉक्टर को दिखाना, ये अंसारी- वंसारी सब ऐसे ही है।”
अब ये उनकी टिप्पणी करने की आदत थी या उनका अपना अनुभव ये समझना मेरे लिए उस वक़्त तो नामुमकिन ही था।
“हां, बड़े मेडिकल से आ रही हूँ।”
“इत्ते दूर! ”
करीब 15 किलोमीटर दूर की जगह का नाम सुनकर उनकी ये प्रतिक्रिया स्वाभाविक ही थी।
“हज़ार रुपये का खर्चा आ गया बाबा, अभी कल और जाना है। जितना तो कमाई नहीं उतना खर्चा आ गया।”
“अब क्या कर सकते है, “किस्मत” में लिखा है तो पैसा जाएगा ही किसी न किसी तरह।”

वो किस्मत को कोसकर आगे बढ़ गए, और मैं वही थम गया… “आखिर सच कहा उन्होंने या सांत्वना दी?”


And then there were TWO…

It was 2nd july 2007, and that time I didn’t know that from 3rd july my life will be totally different from 1st.
There were Two reasons of that, 1st one I was going to be a navodian and 2nd one-our friendship.

I was alone at the last counter of Shivalik junior house and he came, And then there were two.
He was 4 feet 5 inches tall, fair, physically and mentally strong and scored approximately 90 percentage of marks in his 5th class (that was the time when we were in the clutch of education system and we all used to judge a person by his marks in earlier exam).
By the very first appearance he was not as much important for me because there were so many new faces more attractive then him but don’t know why I got attracted towards him.
That time I had no idea that he is the person who will make me more human. I was a moron who was unable to understand the world and he was well versed than all our contemporary. I don’t know how he got the talent of choosing right one for friendship and I never got any good friend by first meeting (except him and 47kg).
As he is very talented or better to say he is multitalented. A contrast about him is he is emotional but i didn’t see tears in his eyes.
Upto first July the only thing I knew was how to cram lessons and how to print it on my answer sheet.
In class 9th he bought a flute, and by his own efforts he trained himself and discovered the music of “Teri meri prem kahani”.
He taught me that and if you observed me I only play “teri meri” while checking any flute.
He told me about the real meaning of Spirituality, otherwise I must be an atheist.

Apart from my subjects I didn’t know anything about literature, and in class 9th he provided me a book titled “ROBINSON CRUSOE”.
I completed that book and the experience was awesome, that was the first book and then “Gaban”, “Sevasadan” etc
He is the person behind my every success, today I’m writing because he provided me the writing skills. He is better blogger than me (recently he got 23399 viewers in his blog while I’m struggling for 200)
He taught me the art of living, before 2nd july i was not as human as I’m today , he taught me the humanity.
I remember when we were trying to save life of a small bird and the time when we were struggling for those twelve fishes but unfortunately…. we lose all thirteen of them.
I still remember that small squirrel (as small as she was unable to open her eye), we tried our best for her recovery but again… unfortunately after the interaction of 3 days with love and care we lose that small hope.
But after that we saved a parrot and this was the beginning of my humanity.


And his name is KOL…

Today I am blogging about one of my close friend, It is the first time when I am writing about an existing person. I never write about someone, because it can hurt him and the other thing is my view about that person can’t be constant all the time, for an instant he could be the worst person and just a minute after that he could be the best of my all contacts.
But this time I’m writing, because I want to write for this instant only, after some years I want to laugh on my mistakes, I want to live in present, I have no regrets with my past and if I didn’t do this type of mistakes it will be the biggest mistake of my life.
I think an year ago he didn’t notice me by my name, face or my voice (as many of human does), Despite of all this he noticed me by the tag of JNVian.
Yes… He is a navodian, and as every navodian phases similar problems and got similar opportunities, we were not different from each other.
Rather I should say he is better than me in every  quality (I think no specification is needed because qualities are only good).
He is more intelligent and more talented than me. He is more confident and friendly. And the another thing I must write is he is more aesthetic and shredded (as we both are gym freaks).
And recently he declared that he is more “gora”(fair) than me…lol

But I didn’t compete with him, because I know as he is coal and I’m fire (don’t take otherwise) together we can illuminate the whole world, and if we compete, we’ll definitely finish each other, Without coal fire is nothing and without fire there is no identity of coal.

Our choices and pursuit of happiness are very different. He doesn’t like suspences and thriller but i do and as he likes short girls, I don’t.
Apart from our choices he is not much adventurous as I am. He stops me everywhere “Bais harkate naa kar.” Sometimes he supports and sometimes he opposes me.

He is very real, I think he is not a demon, he is a simple guy with lot of fantasies, he wants to explore the world (and this time we’re in the same boat)
I remember, In starting he told me about his birthday, that time I don’t know what the date was, I only know that his birthday was on Thursday, and I forgot to wish him. That time we were not interacted with each other, but I knew about the future, and that’s why it was a big mistake for me. I don’t think he noticed, but I noticed every single moment of his life.

And now we are in our best time, i think after 20 years we’ll miss each other by reading this blog, I don’t know about him but I’ll…


It’s Me…

Sometimes I want to write a blog in English but due to my poor English or you can say inability to find the proper words, I rarely dare to do that. But this time I am writing my blog in English no matter what the language is, what the words are chosen by me. This time I’ll write not for blogging it’s all about overcoming through my failure, I think I am the most successful failure, I failed so many times but most of people thinks I am god gifted or rather you can say luckiest boy among them.
Another reason of not writing anything other than poetry and short stories is I don’t want that anyone does the impossible attempt to understand me. I think no one in this world could understand me, because I believe in changing myself. I am not something like ‘kattar’.
As I was telling about my failures, I never enjoy my successes because I know at last I will lose, I’ll lose the battle of life vs death.
And manyone of you can oppose me for this sentence, you can say that I observed just opposite as you’re telling about yourself. Maybe, but as per my psychology apart from writing I am not real, I believe in being the most complicated person you’d ever seen.
Now a days I am thinking about my future, what should I do with my life, because I don’t know the goal of my life. I want to do everything, but I should mark my this quote: “Travelling through the sea with more than one ship is only possible when we travel in steps.”
Recently I took a break from gym because of my exams but it is worthless because The 2 hrs I daily spend in gym are now useless hrs, I increased my sleeping time extra 2 hr, That’s it. Now there is a question, whether I should join my gym or not. And I am not able to find the solution of this dilemma.
Similarly I faced too much dilemmas in my life and luckily or due to my “accept everything” psychology i never lose anything.
This may be a contrast for you because earlier I said I am the most successful failure, and that’s the thing makes me complicated.
I believes in learning from other’s mistakes, because if I started learning from my own mistake, The life will be too short for this adventure.
To be continue…