Fear vs Curiosity…

It was not completely dark night, Despite four fingers of four members sitting around a board there were four candles, a little hope, a hope of experiencing some supernatural power.

It was an “Ouija board experiment”. most of people already know but for the rest one:- The ouija board is a spirit board marked with the letters of the alphabet, numbers 0–9, words “yes”, “no” etc.
Participants place their fingers on the planchette (It can be a coin), and it moves about the board to spell out words.


It was not just like an ordinary chemistry or physics experiment, for us it was an experiment of “fear and curiosity.”
It was not an ordinary night like other nights we were not going to grab some mangoes, instead of that we were going to grab some supernatural experience.
There were some students they did it atleast once and we had no experience of it, we gather some information from themselves, how to ensure spirit is here and how to ask questions without letting her angry. It was a complete plan, we got complete information and every myth about Ouija board.
And we were fully prepared for every consequences.

After 30 minutes of unexpected silence we got a movement in coin, but we were not sure “Is it a prank by one of our group member or The spirit has arrived.”
And I asked “Are you here?”
And the coin rapidly moved to “yes.” Then another one asked ” What is your name?”
And coin started to move from it’s initial position to K…then A… then P… then I… and one of us guessed and said clearly ” Kapil?”
And then coin moved toward “yes.”
It was quite shocking for us because one of our group member was kapil. And recently we read a news of accident on railway track and that railway track was hardly 200 meters from our location. and the victim of accident was “Kapil”…

Before experiment one of my friend told me about confirmation of real and fake spirits, and the trick was ask someone’s birthday or anything related to someone.
And we started to fire some questions like birthday, crush etc.
And we were amazed, because every move of the coin was in right direction.
And it was the first success of “Ouija board experiment”

After the success of first Ouija board experiment I tried it many times and I got some facts that were unexpected.
When I performed it again I got that if any of us don’t know something then the coin is unable to answer. And when I started to think about something no matter was that an answer of that question or anything nonsense, coin started to slide through the exact alphanumerics.
Then I tried to instruct every mind by providing a rough idea of what I am thinking, And it was like I put my finger on coin for half distance and let them cover half distance.
And by this, they got some clue about what I was thinking.

And after repeating this experiment again and again.
I conclude so many things but in this post I am sharing my experiment only, because after whole experiment, some members started to believe and other refused the existence of supernatural powers.

please let me know what you think about supernatural powers.
now it’s your turn to comment.


3 Replies to “Fear vs Curiosity…”

  1. Really i dont believe in supernatural powers its all in our subconscious mind.fixed ideas and proconcieved notions lead to this kind of myths.
    Btw bhai very good story before here i have neither seen any Ouija board nor tryed.

    Even i dont know its correct pronunciation. So pls let me know.


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