It’s all in your mind…

When I was in my dreams Deva knocked at my door and I woke up from sleep with a blurred image of my dream and the first thing I did after awaking was to memorize my dream but it was an unsuccessful attempt.
Today I am sharing my views on dreams, It is not any kind of psychological study of dream. I am just writing what I think about it.

Dreams are derived from our unconscious and conscious thoughts. Our unconscious thoghts are something which is in our mind only, we are not living with those ideas, But we are living with our conscious mind, and this is the part of brain we can control.
In this blog I am writing what I think about losing those memories quickly.
From my own experiences, It is very difficult to memorise our dreams, what we are thinking consciously and what is in our unconscious mind both the things are important to study about dreams.
There are so many thoughts in our mind and we are typically bonded with them.
let me explain it with an example,
Think about your daily life and try to memorize something which you did everyday and don’t do that today (There shouldn’t be any visible impact of that activity like if you are thinking about eating and you didn’t eat today, you can feel the hunger)
Now think about this example… If you are going outside daily at 6 pm and suppose today after locking the door you got some confusion about “Did I lock or not.” … Then it is very difficult to ensure yourself by your memory because you are locking on regular basis at exact time and your mind knows that you are doing that regularly. And when you start thinking about “locking the door” the memories of yesterday and day before yesterday overtakes the thought of today, and due to this hustle and bustle of thoughts you’ll be unable to distinguish the memories. (not in all cases, one can develop the habit to distinguish)
Similarly if we are in a dream of something which is related to the thought exists in our unconscious mind, then on awaking, other thoughts of conscious mind will try to relate the dream with the thoughts strongly exist in our daily life and this will blurr the image and it becomes more difficult to memorize.
But if a thought is strongly exists in our conscious and unconscious mind both, then only the dream will be easy to memorize.

Our brain is a challenge to us, we all are trying to solve the mystery of brain.
Soon I’ll post a blog on “Ouija board”.

Let me know what you think, please comment below…


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